Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hump Day

While looking for my original "Greedy Bitch Wish List" today, I saw some of my old MySpace blogs and started reminiscing. One of my favorites was the "Hump Day" list.

The Hump Day list was a weekly blog I would do on Wednesdays (duh) that was a place for myself; and others; to let it all hang out. You could bitch, moan & rant about your day. Or you could list what you are looking forward to. Whatever you wanted to talk or list was welcome on Hump Day.

I decided to start this as a mid-week relief hatch. There was another MySpace blogger that had a Friday Fuck List, but sometimes we just didn't want to wait till Friday.

It was very therapeutic until I caught on my Employer was looking at it. Not as much fun when you had to be careful and edit your words...

As today is Hump Day, I figured I would do a list for old times sake. Feel free to join in if you wish :)

1) Hubby has a 7mm bulged disk. Will the back problems never stop? He also has to fly to FL next week to take his 1st PGA checkpoint test. Hopefully the DR's can help him some before then

2) It is starting to get really cold. The mornings are brutal and it makes it hard for my achy bones to get moving in the morning.

3) Speaking of getting moving, my motivation is severely lacking. I have so many thing I need/want to do, but I just can't seem to get myself to do them.

4) The last few days I have ended the day with a nasty headache. Sometimes I wish I could just chop off my head.

5) On the bright side, at least they aren't migraines. The migraines are back, but not as bad as they used to be

6) Finally pulled out the old laptop (Windows) so I could get to my SSDI files & converted them to PDF's so I could view them on my MacBook. Hopefully I can get some of my old DR files from them & forward to my new DR's so I can get some decent help.

While it was fun thinking about old times & hump day lists, I am not sure I will rekindle this list. There are too many things I would like to post, but with so many people active in virtual land these days, its probably best I keep it to myself or a trusted friend.

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me. While you are here, feel free to type out your "Hump Day List"


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