Monday, November 15, 2010

Greedy *itch Wish List

'Tis that time of year again. Time to do our wish lists. And as I have done for the last few years(not sure why I didn't do one last year), I am keeping up and updating my own "Greedy Bitch" wish list.

This tradition of mine started back when I was still working and used MySpace. Later it was transferred to FaceBook & now with the awesome apps out there, I can post it on my blog & have it go to FB as well. Gotta love technology :)

Please make out one of your own and share with us. If you are going to post one in your notes (or blog), please share the link in my comments so I can check it out.

I was motivated to do this a bit early this year by all the X-mas advertisements & decorations already out. If Corporate America can be early, so can I!! This year I decided to re-organize as well; from most realistic to the obscene and put items on the back burner that are unrealistic as I have no home to put them in.

1) A Wii (black w/motionplus)
2) Disneyland passes for myself & Keely (Southern California Annual Pass)
3) All of Anne Rice's book's in hardback (except for the few that I own, which aren't that many)
4) Adobe's Creative Master Suite (Edition CS5)
5) A Flip video camera
6) A Tanning membership (since it never happened last year, even though that was my present from hubby)
7) A portable DVD player
8) Good health Insurance for both myself & Keely
9) A Kindle
10) A SLR camera
11) Notre Dame gear
12) A new Coach Purse (there are soo many I like I just can't narrow it down to one)
13) New tattoo(s)
14) Get my eyebrow re-pierced
15) Replace the diamond chip in my rose ring
16) Jewelry (the expensive kind, that glitters, mainly this blue topaz & sapphire ring that is being sold at a local jewelers)
17) $1500 to start up an on-line business idea I have
18) a new Vehicle (preferably a Sequoia or a luxury version)
19) A new Key for my truck as my current one broke & I can't keep it on a keychain (if I can't get the new car) & a second set of car keys to Terry's Pontiac
20) If I not going to get the new car above, then get all the dings and dents Terry has put in my current truck repaired and the wheel bumper replaced that I messed up.
21) A TV that doesn't make horrible noises, preferably in the flat panel family
22) A Mac (So I can do animation again. But I know the PC like the back of my hand, so I want both. Mac for animation and video editing & PC for everyday stuff. Greedy bitch aren't I?)
23) Plastic surgery (Nothing extreme. I can't get rid of my thighs, never have been able too, even when I was allowed to exercise. I now I can't exercise unless I want to be sick in bed for weeks. So some lypo and a breast replacement. They don't need to be bigger, just raised since I ran around braless so much growing up. Damn gravity catching up!)
24) The complete works of Walt Whitman & Emily Dickinson (These are really the only two Poets I like & the complete plays of Shakespeare (I do love how almost every modern movie/comedy is based off him)
25) The Chronicles of Narnia in hardback (I used to own these , I would like to have them again, not only for myself, but for when Keely is older.)
26) All the James Bond movies on DVD
27) The following CD's:
Amy Winehouse
All of Incubus (minus the two I have & can find)
All of Pantera's
All of Type O Negative's (I know I have some, but who knows where)
All of the Beatle's
All of the older G'n'R's
Frank Sinatra's greatest hits
(This is all I can think of at the moment)
28) The following DVD's:
Dazed and Confused
The Lion King
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Interview with a Vampire
The Basketball Diaries
The Corpse Bride
(I know there is more, but once again, I can't remember)
29) A trip to Jamaica (RIP Mikey. I am going to go to your dream Island before I die)
30) A trip to Ireland and Italy (to see my roots)
31) Enough money to set Keely's college fund so that she can go anywhere she would like for as long as she needs to
32) A house – at least 3 bed, 2 bath, w/a yard big enough for a dog & Keely, a walk-in closet big enough for mine & Terry's clothes & shoes (he is such a woman, but you didn't hear it from me)/on the other side of the spectrum the house needs to be at least 5 bed, 3 bath, a yard big enough for a pool and yard space so we can have a dog for Keely, big walk-in master closet, a the master bath has to has two sinks.
33) Start-up capital for my real-state investment company I want to own
34) To be able to have the resources available to research my whole family tree and Keely's as well
35) Have my charity for abandoned cats
36) Find my old best friend from when I lived in Diamond Bar as a child (How in this day and age when there are so many sites, can I not find this guy?)
37) A cabin in the mountains (So I can get away and clear my head every now and then. Maybe do some writing that I have been so blocked on. I have two great book ideas swimming in my head right now.)

Please share everybody. It is always fun to see what others want. Plus you never know, Santa could be reading your list!!!This is just for fun though, so don't hold back!


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