Sunday, September 05, 2010

Feeling craft today

My daughter has become a huge fan of head bands. And on mornings we are running late, I am all for them.

We have gotten to the point where our hair drawer is soo full of them, that it is hard to find anything else in there. The other week, I decided I had enough!

I started google'ing head band holders and ways to make them yourself. I took the info I saw & came up with this:

See all her headbands?

Here is what you will need if you would like to make this:
An empty oatmeal container (or the like)
your choice of fabric (or you can use paper)
Hot glue & glue gun
some Tacky glue (or elmers if you use paper)

I bought 18 inches from the bolt of fabric I picked out. I then measured the container (about 16 inches) and made a fold for half of that, inside out. Then my wonderful mother-in-law made a quick stitch for me on the sewing machine (I have yet to learn h0w to use it. After my sister-in-laws wedding, I was promised some lessons). After sliding it on to make sure it fit, I cut off the remaining material, turned it right side out & slid it on.

I hot glue gunned the fabric to the bottom. I then cut out a circle & tacky glued it in the bottom. Mainly because I didn't want anyone to look in & see brown. This step is up to you & your insanity level ;)

Then I glued the inside edges with the fabric left over the top of my cover. The fabric pretty much covers it all, top to bottom.

Then I cut out another circle & tacky glued it to the lid. Since I put on the purple trim, I didn't need to fold it over, & just covered the bottom. From there I hot glue gunned the purple trim around the bottom of the lid & hot glued the lid to the bottom of the container.

Let it dry & put your headbands on. You can even use the inside of the container for clips & what not. That was my idea, until I realized HOW MANY headbands she has.

And if you are not the craft sort, shoot me a message.I would be glad to make one for you.


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