Sunday, August 29, 2010

No "Poo" hair, day 1

I have been researching hair styles for my little darling for the past few weeks. My SIL is getting married in October, which prompted this. But I also enjoy new & cute hairstyles, and since I do have a girl, I might as well enjoy the hair aspect of it.

What does this have to do with "No Poo" you might ask. Well I stumbled across a few sites that referred to this saying & it made me wonder. After a bit of research, I found out this meant cleaning your hair with out using shampoo.

As someone who has super fine, straight hair that tends to get pretty oily, I was somewhat grossed out. I could never imagine not "washing" my hair. I won't even leave the house in the morning (unless I am dropping off my darling in the valet line @ school) unless I have showered & washed my hair. And normally by the evening, my hair feels greasy & very weighed down.

This morning, I decided to give this no poo thing a shot. There are a few different methods on how to do this. For today's trial run, I combined two of them.

First I mixed a tablespoon of Baking Soda w/some warm water. I slowly poured it to the roots & massaged it in starting from the forehead to the base of my neck. After making sure I had gotten my whole scalp, I rinsed it out.

Then I used my conditioner and did the same, making sure to run it through to the ends. I let that sit in my hair while I finished showering & shaving, then rinsed.

Reading the many blogs & articles out there on this, I was concerned on how my hair would turn out. It warned that it would take a few weeks to get your hair and scalp to acclimate to this & thoroughly cleanse out the "poo" build up. I was sure I would be pulling my hair back & borrowing the darlings headbands. But I must say I am quite happy. My hair is shiny & over five hours later & a nap thrown in, it is still clean & non-greasy.

I am sure I will experiment with the methods I have read about until I find the right way for me. But I have a feeling that the "No Poo" method will be one that I will continue using & most likely transition my darling to. This seems like the perfect hair cleansing way for her & her super sensitive skin.

Here are some pics of my shiny hair taken hours after the washing:


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