Thursday, October 04, 2007

Entrepreneurial Blogs and marketing techniques

Here is the second post/module for my Media and Society class.

The first thing we had to do was link an Entrepreneurial Blog to our blog:
On this site the blogger posts different topics in order to help young entrepreneurs succeed in business. Just a few of the topics he discusses are Page Ranks, hiring & firing employees and building an effective website for your business.

And following that, we has to link two more sites we found that discuss the use of blogging as a form of business promotion:
The writer of this article states “that great blogs are about great journalism, which is about telling compelling stories truthfully and fairly (not impartially).”
In this article it talks about how blogs have helped different small businesses grow. Such as the aspects of advertising for little or no cost and the ability to produce them with little or no technological skill.

Other ways one can market themselves are good old fashioned adds in newspapers and magazines or on radio and television as well as word of mouth. By blogging, one can save themselves money in advertising, get the word out about their product or service to a wider audience and put out updates faster than other means. As long as one utilizes their blogs lucratively, I believe blogging is an extremely effective alternative to the more common methods. By that I mean that one needs to keep their blogs updated, interact with the consumers posts and put a personal spin on things.

I believe on a scale of one to five that my research supports my thesis statement at a five.


Joanie said...

Hey, I am impressed by your blog site. I couldn't find an option that actually said to link my research to my blog. Did they just want us to list the sites. I could not find anything indicating whether or not I officially linked a site or not. If you're not too busy or inconvenienced, could you give me a hint? Thanks very much.

Irishdreaming said...

Joannie, thanks for the comment.

There are two ways to add a link. First, you can just copy & paste the whole url( or you can use the link button (it has chains on it). When using the link button, you highlight a word you want to go to your site, then click the link button and paste the whole url. It will underline your word to show that it is a link.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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